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The proof of the matter

1.     Bottoms up

To check spelling, punctuation and grammar (rather than readability), start with the last sentence and work backwards. It gives your brain a fresh take on familiar content.

2.     Spelling

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How to write a bestseller

Thursday 4 October, nicknamed Super Thursday by Waterstones, marked UK publishing’s biggest day, with more than 500 books hitting the shelves. All are vying for that stocking-filler space on Christmas morning, and around 63m books will… Read more


The #WordsMatter campaign, launched today by the Peace Foundation, is calling on the media to be careful not to ‘glamorise’ terrorism with the words it uses. Terrorism survivors from across the United Kingdom are asking the Read more

How to create high-performing web content

Next time you create website content with the aim of getting more customers, try employing these 7 tactics to ensure site visitors find you then take the action you want.

1.     Use keywords that reflect search

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A flair for reporting

How to relay your thought leadership or ideas in a discussion paper or White Paper

Here’s are 4 tips for writing a report or White Paper, using some recent examples of our work.

1.     Know your

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Are you a natural-born content writer?

Do you love to write for your website or business – or is writing like having teeth pulled? Take my short quiz to discover if you are a Content King or Copywriting Cringe.   Read more
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