The copywriting process

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the copywriting processHow we work with you at Editing Edge

Before you give us the green light to work on your project, I’m sure you have questions about how we work, our timescales and what to expect.

We’ve been creating compelling copy for our clients for over a decade and follow a structured process for delivering our projects on time, to meet and hopefully exceed our clients’ expectations. Here is how we work.


We will set a fixed fee for your project. If you extend the brief and ask us to do more, we will adjust the fee pro-rata. If, as occasionally happens, the project takes less time than we anticipated, we will reduce our fee accordingly.

We ask for a deposit of 30% for any project of £1000 +VAT or more if we have not worked together before.

Information gathering

After you commission us, we will arrange a phone call, Zoom or in-person meeting (depending on the size of the project.) This will be our primary way to gather information about your business and how we can show it at its very best.

You may also want to send us rough notes, bullet points, half-formed thoughts, links, previous marketing collateral… or any other background material that will help us understand your business and what you want to achieve.

First draft

We will create draft content, usually within two weeks of commission for a standard website, more quickly for a blog and longer if it is a lengthy report or more elaborate project. We will discuss timescales with you before we begin and we have never yet missed a deadline.

Once the draft is ready, we will send it to you for feedback.


Your fee includes two sets of amendments so that we can tweak tone or style to match exactly what you need. We may also ask you for a little extra information to fill in any gaps and/or we may suggest alternative straplines and/or structure for you to consider.

We create copy that we believe will work for your needs but we understand that it is your business, so we will be happy to make changes within these two sets of amendments if we have used any words or phrases that you feel do not sit comfortably with your company.

Once we receive your feedback, your project goes to the top of our To Do List. We know that at this point, with content almost complete apart from a few tweaks, you are keen to get it live and start reaping the benefit. So we do not ask you to wait weeks for the final version, but instead put your feedback speedily into action.

Final version

When you have accepted the final version (which may be the first, second or third draft), we will send you our invoice, usually for payment within 14 days.

Further terms and conditions

If we provide a draft and do not hear from you within seven days, we will send you a reminder. If we hear nothing within two weeks, we will work on the basis that you are happy with the work provided and we will send you our invoice.

In the extremely rare case (once in ten years!) where you do not believe the draft content matches your brief but do not engage with us to carry out amendments, we will work on the basis that we have met our obligations and send you our invoice.

Once the content we have created goes live on your or someone else’s website, goes into print or is submitted into an awards programme (or is used in any other way), our invoice becomes due immediately if it has not already been paid.


Our tried-and-tested copywriting process has been proven to provide our clients with the best possible copywriting and editing service for more than a decade. We look forward to working with you.



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