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Business Services Copywriting

Whether you deal in the business-to-business environment or direct to consumer, it’s easy and tempting to write about what you like about your business.  But don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s all about you … it’s about your clients.

Whether you’re an accountant, an executive coaching company or a financial consultant, business services copywriting needs to appeal immediately to your clients and get them to take the action you desire, whether that’s to buy now or get in touch via phone or email.

You need to see your business from your client’s point of view – why they should choose you  – and what your can business do to make their life better. Above all else, you are dealing with humans not entities, so you need to speak in a tone of voice that appeals to them.

Business content needs to:

  • be clear and consistent
  • choose words and phrases that show you understand your client
  • be human and authentic
  • focus on the benefits
  • instil trust
  • be concise – less is more
  • have clear calls to action

Editing Edge works with businesses large and small, local, national and international. We can bring our creative and analytical skills to your business.  We ask the right questions to find out how your business works, the problems you solve for your customers, and what makes your business better than the competition.

Our business services copywriting services includes:

  • Website copywriting
  • Blog copywriting
  • White Paper writing
  • ebooks
  • Brochure / prospectus copywriting
  • Report writing
  • Case studies
  • Video script copywriting
  • Award entries

Case Studies

Here’s a flavour of some of our business services copywriting projects:

Blog Posts

Here’s a flavour of some of our business services blog posts:

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Showcase your business through coherent, consistent and compelling copy. Please get in touch with us at Editing Edge.