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Environmental copywriting

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Creating a sustainable future – word by word

environmental copywriting

Connecting emotionally with customers, investors and other stakeholders by communicating an ethical, eco-friendly ethos is becoming essential as we move towards a more sustainable way of living.

Environmental change is not being driven by the corporates.  A Nielsen Global Corporate Sustainability Report stated that: “Consumers are trying to be responsible citizens of the world, and they expect the same from corporations.” They found that eight in ten millennials expect companies to publicly share their corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts.

Proving your CSR credentials goes further than compliance. From corporates to one-man bands, businesses can derive superb PR opportunities from proving their green qualifications, boosting their reputation, raising greater awareness and pulling in even more customers.

A brand ethos of “good for the planet” leads customers to experience a feelgood factor too. Nielsen found that seven in ten European millennials are willing to spend more on a brand they know is sustainable.

Environmental copywriting can take many forms. I’ve written environmentally focused copy for articles, blogs, white papers, tender documents and awards profiles, across many sectors, including travel, education, construction, landscaping, interior design and retail.

It can be tricky to get right. There’s a delicate balance between scientific knowledge and emotive copy that persuades the reader to take the right action. It doesn’t help that many corporates have been accused of greenwashing, claiming they are more environmentally friendly than evidence suggests, in order to boost profits.

I choose to work with businesses and individuals that believe in sustainability and practise what they preach. Everything about a business has to be sustainable if it is to excel: from the way it treats the planet to the way it develops its staff, to the way it builds its profits.

Why choose Editing Edge to create your environmental copy?

Research and understanding of the subject

You need an environmental copywriter to understand the subject well and know how and where to carry out in-depth research, something my background in journalism has taught me. I immerse myself in your subject area, so my content is credible, well informed and interesting. Find out how I carry out in depth research

Explaining the science

It’s an art to make copy simple and jargon-free without patronising the reader. I write technology explanations to make sense to non-specialists. Equally I create informative descriptions to demonstrate technical expertise to peers.

Evidencing environmental credentials and experience

When I created a detailed tender for a major housing contract on behalf of an interior design company, I had to demonstrate their sustainability and social value credentials from their supply chain, processes, policies and procedures. I had to pull all this information together with case studies and evidence.

Exploring the benefits to organisations and the wider environment

As well as exploring how the wider environment will benefit from the actions of greener corporates, I have written about the many positive spin-offs for businesses themselves: from a white paper on The Impact of Sustainability on In-Store Experience, to sustainability for travel, tourism, meetings and events.

Convincing customers (and investors) that your business is the right choice – both for them and for the planet

If you’re competing against less environmentally focused businesses, then you need to provide compelling reasons for customers to choose a green supplier: I examine what environmental problems your approach is helping to solve, and ask why should the customer care.

Sharing positive messages that inspire hope and stimulate change

The art of a good copywriter is to make the reader take action. I help your readers identify with your subject in a way that makes it personal. That connection builds customer trust and loyalty and inspires them to take action.


Choose a copywriter who can connect emotionally with your audience, whether they are consumers, corporates, investors or experts. Sustainability isn’t just a business opportunity, it’s the future.  Contact Lesley at Editing Edge to discuss your environmental copywriting project.




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