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Why does messaging matter?

Connecting with your audience is perhaps more challenging than ever. As customers we have become increasingly demanding, and there is a growing need to gain trust through transparency. Therefore, messaging today is about far more than simply describing your product or your service. Instead, messaging is key to engaging with…
July 14, 2022

The Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2022

  The Queen’s Birthday Honours List is a moment to recognise and celebrate amazing people across the UK – not just the celebs, but ordinary people doing extraordinary things.   This is an uplifting time of the year. And of course, 2022 is an extra special year being the Queen’s…
June 9, 2022
Strategic copywritingcopywritingcopywriter

Strategic copywriting for booming businesses

Would you consider your brand or business to be high achieving? Award winning? Premium, high end, or disrupting your market? Or perhaps on your way there? At Editing Edge, we describe ourselves as ‘strategic copywriters’. Copywriters who produce written content and ideas of high quality for those at the top…
May 23, 2022
email marketing campaigncopywriting

Why email marketing still works

In the digital era, measurement of marketing Return on Investment (ROI) is more accurate than ever, and email marketing remains one of the highest ROI marketing channels, making it a popular choice for any shrewd Marketing Director / business owner. A few facts on the popularity of email marketing ROI…
February 23, 2022