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Promoting health and wellbeing is not only your work but your passion. You offer proven solutions and services that help your clients to live their best lives. And it’s likely you’ve chosen that path because of your own experience.

You know your product or service will make a difference, but sometimes your passion isn’t enough to persuade others to buy from you.

So what’s stopping you from getting more clients for your wellbeing business?

It may be that your messaging is off the mark. The written word is essential to promote your wellbeing business. From websites to social media posts, brochures to podcasts and video scripts – it’s all in the messaging and the words you use.

What to include in wellbeing content

I’ve created copy for many wellbeing businesses, including website content, ghost-writing books (here’s an example of a hypnotherapy book I worked on) and sales literature (here’s an example of the brochure I created for a Harley Street nutritionist). Here are seven pointers on what elements to include in your copy.

1.     Benefits

People don’t buy the features of the product or service you’re selling, they are persuaded by the benefits, the “why”. Nowhere is that more pertinent than in wellbeing and health marketing. People don’t come to a cognitive behavioural hypnotherapist to be hypnotised or a personal trainer because they love doing burpees. They want to know how you can help them improve or change their lives, whether that’s dealing with their anxieties through hypnotherapy or losing weight through training.

2.     Building rapport, connection and trust

Whether it’s including personal anecdotes or using quotes from experts, you need to make your copy as human as possible and tell a story so your audience trust you and have faith in your offering.

3.     Case studies and testimonials

Nothing explains the benefits of your product better than a real-life example. Ask your clients if you can share their experience (even if you have to change names for confidentiality reasons).

4.     Facts

As a health business owner, you’ll need scientific backing to support claims you make about how effective your products/services are. Fascinating facts not only bring the subject to life, they help validate your product.

5.     Educate

Often people will come to you for a complex issue. They may be seeking advice both on their situation and how you can help them. Your copy needs to inform and it may need to raise awareness. If your area of health or wellbeing is particularly complex, you need to be able to explain your solution in a simple yet accurate way.

6.     Inspire

Make your copy inspiring by explaining how your business can transform the life of your customers. Give the copy personality – get their attention, rather than bamboozling them with clinical or dry content.

7.     Sell

This may seem obvious because, of course, you are here to sell. But there’s a fine art to selling wellbeing and health products. You need to guide your audience to take specific actions but crucially, without making them feel under pressure to do so. Your copy needs to subtly weave in emotional triggers that move your customers further along their buying journey with you.

That’s where a copywriter like me can help you create content that gets to the heart of what drives your audience, in a way that feels natural and aligned with your brand.

For help with your health and wellbeing copy, please get in touch.



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