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What will you be writing in 2022?

By January 4, 2022No Comments

content plan 2022

Now is the perfect time to plan your content marketing strategy for the next 12 months.

Of course, I might be jumping the gun assuming you even have a content strategy as the reality is many businesses don’t.  So why not make 2022 the year you have a content plan in place?

To get you going here are 5 great pointers to help you plan ahead.


  1. Don’t just create content for the sake of it

This might sound counterintuitive coming from a copywriter but I’m all for quality not quantity.  There’s a deluge of content out there so create something that’s going to add value for your target audience.

Before creating your next piece of content, think of the objectives that you want to achieve from it.

  • Does it fit into your business goals?
  • Is it relevant for your readers?
  • Does it offer something new and useful to your audience?


  1. Drill down

It can be hard to create content that appeals to all of your audience.  And if it’s too broad it may not hit the mark with any of them.  Don’t be afraid to focus in on a niche section of your market and write content that talks directly to them.

You don’t need sophisticated segmentation and targeting to do this.  Just use your normal distribution methods (e.g. website, social media) and leave it to your audience to read if it appeals to them.


  1. Use your past successes

Look back over your old content to determine what has already worked.  It does help to have some form of analytics in place on your website or social media to determine what pages are read the most or content shared or commented on.

Can you update your older successful content instead of creating new articles or perhaps add another angle to the topic?  For example, we can see that our Linkedin blog is one of the most popular on our website so we created some others around the same theme.


  1. Put it all into a content plan

Once you’ve come up with a list of ideas for the next 12 months, get it into a plan.  It doesn’t need to be a complicated spreadsheet.  Just simply a list of what topics you are going to write about, when.

To help you along here’s a seasonal blogging plan I put together which lists all the key events over the year that you might want to build into your content plan.  Just slot in other ideas as you come up with them.  (For more inspiration and ideas on seasonal blogging, see this blog).

Seasonal Blogging Plan


  1. Sharing your content

It’s a waste to create good content then fail to get it in front of the right audience.  Simply putting it on your website and hoping that someone will see it is not enough.  Think about how you can distribute your content.  Use social media, your newsletter, PR or your network to share your content.


And one bonus tip.  If you are struggling to write good quality content or even come up with the content ideas in the first place, think about investing in a copywriter.  We know how to create content that will wow your audience and get you new fans and followers.


Make 2022 a year where your content gets you noticed. Contact Lesley at Editing Edge today for help in planning and writing your content over the next 12 months.


I’m Lesley Hussell and my job is to bring some copywriting magic to your business, so you sell more, inspire your staff or spread your message far and wide. You’ll want to know how I measure up against other copywriters you’re considering, and whether I’m good enough to be trusted with your brand. If you’re looking for quick wit, creative thinking and a flair for compelling content writing.