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Make 2024 a year of collaboration

Whether your company holds regular team meetings or uses collaboration software, such as Monday, Trello, or Microsoft Project, providing opportunities to brainstorm, share ideas and updates is essential to the success of any project. And, ultimately, for the success of any business. It’s what makes us so effective at Editing…
November 30, 2023

Day in the life of a copywriter

  I take great pride as a copywriter in working with individuals and businesses at the top of their game. My clients range from applicants for the House of Lords to those hoping for knighthoods and OBEs. In addition, I've worked on annual reports for the space industry, and showcased…
September 28, 2023

Our top tips for making the most of Q4

It’s incredible to believe that we are approaching the end of 2023. Q4 is nearly upon us and if you’re asking, “Where on earth has the time gone?”, well so are we! Don’t panic though! With some strategic planning there’s plenty of time to reach your audiences and impress your…
August 17, 2023

It’s all about the target audience

From industry leading companies to savvy start-ups, knowing your target audience inside out is a key fundamental to the success of any business. So, how well do you know your client? Can you think like them, talk like them, understand their needs and desires? In other words, can you walk…
May 21, 2023
video scriptcopywritingcopywriter

Why short-form video is your future

In everyday life we all spend much time scrolling and swiping through social media, catching up with the world’s news, trends, updates, hot gossip and more! According to research by Sprout Social, videos are our favourite type of content. Would you agree? Well, the stats say it all. When it…
April 20, 2023