Make 2024 a positive year – how showcasing your positive news is good for business

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When January is a snowy slog, world news is grim and New Year Resolutions are already under strain, you can bring a little ray of sunshine to your customers and your staff by sharing what’s great about your business.


Provide positivity

No matter what industry you work in – health, technology, property or a myriad others – there are plenty of opportunities to headline what’s going right in the world. Seize the moment to showcase your business and provide your audience with upbeat and forward-thinking news and ideas.

1. Case studies or a white paper?

Depending on your business and target audience, choose the best way to tell your story, promote your products and share upbeat updates. We’ve worked with clients to help them produce:

  • Clear and concise case studies
  • Informative white papers and reports
  • Fun and inspiring books
  • Punchy and to the point short videos

2. Connecting and building trust

There is no better time to build relations with your target audience. We all love storytelling, so get your messaging right and connect with your audience. Think how you can put a spring in their step with a good offer or reassure them of your skills with news of an award win or a great testimonial.

3. Showing you understand the problems

Put together a campaign illustrating common problems in your sector and demonstrating that you can help solve them. It’s all about thinking like your customer (and getting to know them first). That should raise some grateful smiles!


If you need advice on how to best showcase your positive stories and news, please contact us at Editing Edge. We have a wealth of experience working with high-achieving, impactful, and inspiring clients who are achieving great things. We’d love to support you too to get more positivity into the world.



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