Political Copywriting

Whether you are seeking to win voters, create a manifesto, or influence policy, we’ll create political copy to enlighten, inspire and influence your audience.

From voters to policymakers, political copywriting has to appeal to a diverse set of stakeholders. You need:

  • a head for facts
  • an ability to conduct in-depth research
  • a persuasive style of writing when trying to win over voters to attempt to change opinions
  • use powerful words to inspire people to take action
  • to adapt your tone of voice for each audience you deal with
  • to write about what your audience cares about
  • to be specific and concise with your message
  • to be authentic

My background in political journalism at Westminster with daily meetings at Downing Street, my years of copywriting experience – writing commercial pieces alongside thought-leadership matters – and my track record of winning award entries all put me in a unique position when it comes to crafting copy for the political sector.

At Editing Edge we have worked on political copywriting projects that couldn’t be more varied, from creating manifestos, crafting award submissions, reporting at international conferences to creating marketing copy and press releases for political events.

Our political copywriting services includes:

  • Website copywriting
  • Blog copywriting
  • White Paper writing
  • ebooks
  • Brochure / prospectus copywriting
  • Report writing
  • Case studies
  • Video script copywriting
  • Award entries

Case Studies

Here’s a flavour of some of our political copywriting projects:

Blog Posts

Here’s a flavour of some of our political blog posts:

choice of words

From Mugwumps to word wizardry

What your choice of words says about you   The day of reckoning has finally arrived. All hail our new leader Boris. Whilst many may have had their fill of…

If you need some fresh and lively content to appeal to your diverse audiences, get in touch with us at Editing Edge to discuss your political copywriting project.