Creative and Design Copywriting

Working in the creative or design industries, beautiful images are a good start, but cleverly crafted content can make all the difference. The right words give your work further clarity, reach and exposure – and, in the digital age, make you easier to find online.

Whilst you may be a creative thinker or artist, that doesn’t always translate to the written word.  Your business demands text that complements your beautiful imagery rather than detracting from it. That’s where a creative copywriter like Editing Edge comes in.

We will work with you to find the words that define your brand and persuade readers to buy or experience your product or service.

You need content that:

  • educates
  • inspires
  • shares your design ideas and insights
  • contain lively, engaging and visual language
  • fills in details such as fabric, texture, evocative smells and sensations
  • represents your brand, style and voice

We have worked with many creative and design companies, from solo designers and architects to the national organisation for the UK’s creative industries.

When we work with creative clients we adopt their voice and represent their brand and style – after all, this is what sets them apart, so it’s important not to lose that element.  We immerse ourselves in their work through research, interviewing them or spending time in their workshop or business.

Our creative and design copywriting services includes:

  • Website copywriting
  • Blog copywriting
  • White Paper writing
  • ebooks
  • Brochure / prospectus copywriting
  • Report writing
  • Case studies
  • Video script copywriting
  • Award entries

Case Studies

Here’s a flavour of some of our creative and design copywriting projects:

Blog Posts

Here’s a flavour of some of our creative and design blog posts:

copywriting for design industries

Copywriting for creative and design industries

Working in the creative or design industries, much of your marketing relies on beautiful imagery. Websites, brochures, advertising and videos all illustrate the aesthetic qualities of your work, whether you are an artist, master craftsman, designer, architect or perhaps a stunning venue or cultural attraction. But whilst you may be...

Give your creations the words they deserve. Get in touch with us at Editing Edge to discuss your creative and design copywriting project.