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Health and social care copywriting

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Health and social care copywriting

Editing Edge have undertaken copywriting projects for many healthcare, social care and medical companies, with work ranging from website content to award entries.

The stakeholders for the health and social care market are a diverse bunch. From patients facing life-or-death situations, to policy makers, to medical professionals, we adapt our approach and tailor our style of writing to suit the audience.

Trustworthy, clarity, empathy, informative, compelling, authoritative, sensitive  – healthcare copywriting needs to tick many boxes, raising the level of complexity for the technical reader whilst avoiding patronising content for the patients.

If you are looking for a copywriter with a track record in healthcare, social care and medical copywriting, here’s a flavour of some projects we’ve been involved with.  (Due to confidentiality, names have been removed).

Healthcare blogs and website content

We’ve written blogs, long-form content and core website content for a pregnancy advice practice; a national health insurer; and a world-first stem cells company. (Stem cells are the key to the booming field of regenerative medicine, with powerful potential to treat conditions from heart disease to multiple sclerosis. The company was founded by a visionary stem-cell biologist.)

Healthcare award entries

Working as a specialist consultant for the UK’s most successful awards experts, Awards Intelligence, we have worked closely with many medical professionals, creating copy for both business and personal award entries.

Here is a flavour of some of the talented specialists I’ve worked with:

  1. Consultant psychiatrist and psychotherapist Dr X is a lifesaver. In his field of severe personality disorder he has transformed many lives for the better and shown many patients an alternative to suicide.
  2. X’s lifelong passion has been social justice, and he is an inspirational national and international high-profile leader and strategic thinker in healthcare, social care and dementia. He is credited with re-shaping medical, clinical and social work education and training. This depth of knowledge and expertise has been put to exceptional use in transforming pivotal areas of British society.
  3. Consultant X has made an exceptional contribution to healthcare and exports as an NHS consultant and healthcare entrepreneur.He is one of the UK’s senior neurologists, well known nationally and internationally, founder and CEO of a world-leading neurological rehabilitation centre and winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise 2017.
  4. X charity has run a pioneering campaign that was pivotal in getting mental health issues taught as a compulsory subject in UK schools, generating over 100,000 signatures on a petition that was debated in Parliament.
  5. X is a City of London dental practice that has seen spectacular results: a fivefold increase in the number of patients seen every month and revenue up 170% thanks to a highly targeted social media strategy.
  6. X was a Clinical Lead for Critical Care within the King’s College Hospital (KCH) NHS Foundation Trust, cutting discharge delay by 400%, and putting innovation and inter-professionalism at the heart of practice.
  7. X is a GP whose contribution is outstanding. Of how many doctors can one say that 3,000 patients have his personal phone number so they can call him whenever they need to – even when he is on holiday? He has also worked immensely hard to create two world-class medical centres from scratch.
  8. Professor X is an exceptional pharmacologist who stands out for his ability both to carry out groundbreaking research and to drive implementation so that millions of patients benefit. His work has meant that drugs get to market more quickly and clinical trials are safer. He has taken a pioneering lead on ethics, particularly for innovation in drug development, and introduced industry-leading initiatives that others worldwide have followed.
  9. X co-founded one of the world’s largest clinical research organisations, a company today valued at more than £2 billion. It has boosted British pharmaceutical companies, created jobs and helped bring vital drugs to market.
  10. Professor X is a top-class urological surgeon with a worldwide reputation as a pioneer in robotic and laparoscopic techniques for prostate, bladder and kidney surgery. He is an innovator in keyhole surgery and has been a key opinion leader in new technology for over ten years, having co-led the implementation of these groundbreaking techniques in urological units in the UK and overseas.

If you have a medical, health or social care copywriting project that you need help with, please get in touch with Lesley at Editing Edge.


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