Gen Z

Knowing your target audience inside out is essential to any business, and defining their personas will go a long way in helping you connect with them. That is to say, their demographics, behaviours, ambitions, pain points, etc.

One of the most significant audience groups to connect with are Generation Z, Zoomers, or Gen Z for short. This group is roughly defined as people born between 1997 and 2012.

At Editing Edge, we work with many clients who have made it a key priority to focus on this specific audience. Examples are a property website about office space designed for today’s workforce, mental health charities and clients investigating technology use in higher education. Wondering why the focus on this specific generation? According to Forbes, ‘Gen Z accounted for an estimated 40% of global customers in 2020’ with ‘a spending power of up to $143 billion’. So why wouldn’t you?

Here’s why Gen Z is one of the most important generations and how you can connect with them.

Who are they?

Like others before them, there are many factors defining Generation Z. Firstly, and most significantly, is that they are the first generation to have grown up with access to the internet and digital technology. This has not only greatly influenced how they interact with their environment but also means they are used to having access to what they desire at the touch of a button.

How can you connect with Gen Z?

It’s all about the words:

  • Trust and transparency – There is no hiding from Zoomers! Having grown up in the centre of the digital technology boom, Zoomers are experts in research and finding out every little detail. So make sure you are presenting and communicating your business clearly and consistently, and in the best possible way. This is where we can help!
  • Purpose – Zoomers care. They want to see and understand what the companies they are investing in are doing for the greater good. You’ll need to communicate your ethical values and mission in an impactful way, and with evidence that backs you up. For example, we have worked closely with Shawmind, a mental health charity helping schools, universities, businesses and communities to improve mental health and emotional wellbeing.
  • Social media – Presenting your business through a website isn’t enough these days. A social media presence is also essential. This is because Zoomers not only find new products and services via social media, but they will also do their background research on a business via social media platforms. We can help you get every message bang on target, so you stand out from the crowd across all your online platforms.
  • Keep it punchy – If you choose to target Gen Z, ensure you keep your messaging short and sweet. The Gen Z group enjoys short-form videos. At Editing Edge, we can help you move away from fluffy language that Zoomers won’t believe, and instead create punchy commentary to give your videos, and other materials, a vivid impact.
  • Relatability – You might have seen that some businesses are revealing more about the inner workings of their operation, their team and client feedback. This is a clever move to make themselves more personal and relatable, which Zoomers will appreciate as it builds trust. One further way to achieve this is to share your success.
Zoomers are a tough audience to please. So if you are looking for expert advice on how your business can best communicate to Gen Z, please contact us at Editing Edge.


Let’s make sure your message is both compelling and on target for communicating to the needs of Gen Z.




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