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How to write a better Linkedin Profile

A copywriter’s guide to creating an engaging Linkedin summary

Linkedin is the perfect platform to find and engage with potential clients, suppliers, employees and employers. You get to know what that person is about – where… Read more

Words or pictures. Which are more important?

Copywriting for websites, brochures and blogs is all about words, isn’t it? Yes, finding the right words that spur potential customers to hire you is crucial. But pictures can be just as important. Research shows people… Read more

Why you need a copywriter – the 3Cs

I was chatting to a client recently who wanted to know what hiring a copywriter could bring to her company, when they knew their business so well they had far more expertise than me. Fair point,… Read more

Get Dad up the Mountain! A good story

  Time to thank all the corporate sponsors backing our Africa Cause of the Year – we now have five, and it’s a huge help. They’re not only doing a good thing, they’re also getting name… Read more

It’s the season for better blogs

Whoosh, there goes Valentine’s Day. Mother’s Day is storming up on the horizon with Easter steaming along behind it. Are you missing out on something? The shops execute super-swift changes to replace one seasonal display with… Read more

Christmas blogging: last-minute advice

Ideas to generate more business
Read more
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