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Writing for the healthcare industry

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When we think about creating content for the health industry, trust, clarity and evidence are key.

At Editing Edge, we’ve created copy for many health industry businesses and healthcare professionals, including website content, ghost-writing books and blogs. Our strategic approach – analysing clients’ audiences, their communications needs, strategic thinking, purpose and honing messages – is what allows us to showcase their strengths and highlight the importance of what they do.

As strategic copywriters, here is what we can bring to your health industry content.


  • Honing your target audience

This may sound an obvious consideration when we are creating your content, but it really is fundamental. Who is your audience? Patients, doctors, potential investors? Defining your target audience will determine the content and tone of voice to use when engaging with them.

  • Building trust

Once your key audience groups are decided, it’s essential to show they can trust you. We can do this by providing evidence that you know what you’re talking about, for example through case studies and testimonials. These act as real-life examples of the benefits of your products and services. Another clever way to gain trust is by winning awards.

  • Turning clinical content into engaging reading

Whether your audience is patients or medical professionals, the health industry is replete with complex language and concepts. At Editing Edge we excel at creating clear and concise copy enhanced with bullet points and subheadings to break up ideas. Our writing can also be witty when appropriate to bring a boost of personality that grabs your audience’s attention.

  • Facts don’t have to be boring!

In the health and wellbeing sector, facts and reliable information are essential. As copywriters, we work with integrity and attention to detail to make sure your content is accurate, up to date and compliant. In addition, we work closely with talented graphic designers who can create captivating imagery to make medical information clear and approachable. Here’s an example of how we brought one client’s factual content to life.

  • Get to the point

Your audience will be coming to you for information, to have questions answered or to find solutions to their problems. Your website, white paper or blogs may need to educate while remaining appealing. You don’t have long to hold the attention of readers with busy lives who may be seeking answers quickly – at least on their initial skim through your pages. Our expert copywriters create clear, succinct copy that shows them they have come to the right place. For this client, for example, we created focused content during the fast-paced time of Covid.


If you’re unsure how to approach the health and wellbeing copy for your website, white papers, case studies, blogs or other collateral, please contact us at Editing Edge.





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