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5 reasons to hire a strategic copywriter

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As mid-year rapidly approaches, is your marketing department overstretched and in need of a helping hand? Do you have deadlines approaching and need written materials produced or polished up to spread your message far and wide? Perhaps you need advice and support from an expert copywriter to supplement the business development function, marketing or PR departments of your business. Outsourcing such expertise will save from both a time and financial perspective.

So why hire a copywriter?

A strategic copywriter will take a multi-dimensional approach to help support your business. We take time to analyse your audience, your communication needs, strategic thinking and purpose. This approach will allow a copywriter to perfectly hone your messages, tell your story and engage with your audience.

For example, you might be looking to put the word out to the broader public about your big business news or perhaps you like the idea of regular thought-leadership pieces positioned on your website. Whatever you require, you might be asking yourself, “Do we have the time or the know-how to create the collateral we need?”

This is where a copywriter can step in.


1. More time, more money

While it may sound appealing to get creative and do something different to your normal day-to-day, the truth of the matter is your time is too valuable. Passing the responsibility over to an outsourced specialist will allow you to continue focusing on the important business priorities.

2. A fresh pair of eyes

When you’re focused on meeting your targets and projecting the business at its best, it’s easy to lose track of how customers perceive your company. Yes, staff members will know the business inside out but there is huge value in working with an outsider who can provide that fresh pair of eyes and think like your customer.

3. Collaboration is key

Copywriters are all about collaboration and are often well connected with other industry professionals. At Editing Edge, thanks to our extended network of expert associates including ad agencies, graphic designers and web developers, we can put together the whole package – saving you the need for further outsourcing.

4. Unearthing the hidden nuggets

Making you stand out from the crowd so your readers sit up and take notice is the art of a good copywriter. How do we do this? We’ll pick your brains, untangle valuable information, gather your insights and ensure nothing is missed. This investigation will give us what we need to execute persuasive prose that is engaging, coherent and succinct.

5. A strategic approach – it’s what we do

You are an expert in your industry, we are the experts in strategic copywriting. So, by bringing in a professional copywriter, you can rest assured you will be working with a success-driven expert who will provide value for money by producing results quickly, efficiently and strategically for your business.


If we’ve answered your questions about whether to use a freelance copywriter, get in touch with us at Editing Edge.





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