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5 reasons to hire a strategic copywriter

As mid-year rapidly approaches, is your marketing department overstretched and in need of a helping hand? Do you have deadlines approaching and need written materials produced or polished up to spread your message far and wide? Perhaps you need advice and support from an expert copywriter to supplement the business…
March 28, 2024
The power of collaborationcopywritingcopywriter

Make 2024 a year of collaboration

Whether your company holds regular team meetings or uses collaboration software, such as Monday, Trello, or Microsoft Project, providing opportunities to brainstorm, share ideas and updates is essential to the success of any project. And, ultimately, for the success of any business. It’s what makes us so effective at Editing…
November 30, 2023

World Storytelling Day 2023

As World Storytelling Day approaches, Editing Edge’s Lesley Hussell shares with us her thoughts and experience of storytelling during her career as a journalist and copywriter. Lesley provides some very helpful insights into the power of great storytelling and also how storytelling plays a crucial role to showcase her clients’…
March 16, 2023