Make 2024 a year of collaboration

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The power of collaboration

Whether your company holds regular team meetings or uses collaboration software, such as Monday, Trello, or Microsoft Project, providing opportunities to brainstorm, share ideas and updates is essential to the success of any project. And, ultimately, for the success of any business. It’s what makes us so effective at Editing Edge.

So if collaboration is not already part of your team’s routine, 2024 is your moment to make it a priority.

Here are some of the many benefits to workplace collaboration:

  1. Developing trust – Trust within a team is one of the key elements of collaboration and leads to a working environment that’s conductive for growth, synergy and productivity. For instance, our work with Waypoint is founded on building happy and productive relationships with each of its clients.
  2. Embracing diversity – We all have different styles of working, thinking and processing which allows for input of valuable insights from all different angles. At Editing Edge, we thrive on working with experts around the world. For example, we worked with designers in Norway on an ad campaign about seafood production and helped forge a meeting of minds on this election campaign.
  3. Exploring new avenues – Sometimes the best ideas come when they are least expected. And, very often, it happens through a creative brainstorming session with multiple heads involved.
  4. Nailing the project – With effective collaboration and communication comes efficient teamwork, execution of goals and achieving results. We love working alongside our clients as well as industry experts to get every project spot on. In our work with applicants to the House of Lords we called on graphic designer David Barnett at Phidia in Brighton to design showstopping CVs that are the icing on the cake.
  5. Outsourcing inspiration – Collaboration sometimes needs outside help. Calling in specialists from outside your organisation can be a productive way of bringing in fresh thoughts.

How we work at Editing Edge

Collaboration is at the heart of how we work at Editing Edge. To deliver the best results for our clients we need to understand how their business works, what the problem is and what their customers love about them. With each client, we work strategically with multiple stakeholders to fact-find and unearth the ‘hidden nuggets’ so we can develop and deliver on-target results.

More than just words

We also recognise that while your marketing and communications need the right words, strategic copywriting requires more to spread your message far and wide. We can put together the whole package thanks to our extended network of expert associates, including ad agencies to go to market, graphic designers for reports, books and white papers, and web developers to make every website sing.

If you are looking to collaborate with a copywriting expert, please contact us at Editing Edge. We’d love to work together with you.




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