Here’s why ChatGPT and Bard will never replace great human copywriting

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Exciting but terrifying at the same time, the advancement in the technology of the chatbot is hitting the headlines. However, reviews and reports about the new and competing innovations ChatGPT and Bard have been somewhat sceptical.

Who is in the game: This is an intensely competitive race to the finish for the big players, Microsoft and Google.

What it is all about: ChatGPT by Microsoft and Bard by Google are “experimental conversational AI services” which automatically pull together information from the web in order to answer questions asked by the user. In other words, chatbots on steroids!

This is what we think: Whilst this technology may be beneficial for basic everyday tasks, for example, writing a recipe, initial research for a project – essentially the kind of questions you might ask Siri or Alexa – you must still be extra careful. Although it can be great for generating ideas and composing routine work (and we use it ourselves for these, finding it a smart and time-saving tool), it can be inaccurate, and frankly produce run-of-the-mill content that lacks the special sparkle to set you apart.

What the technology is missing altogether are the fundamentals that make compelling, effective, engaging, relatable, accurate copywriting … we could keep going.

Strategic copywriting – from a human – is focused on purpose and uses emotion to engage with readers. AI will miss this, as well as the fun, creative touch that is only achieved through working in collaboration with clients – to capture the ‘hidden nuggets’ that make them stand out from the crowd and develop a tone of voice to give their brand personality.

We don’t think you’ll be getting this level of emotion out of a robot. So, would you really trust it to write serious pieces – reports, speeches, stories, books or marketing materials?

And let’s also be aware that AI is not 100% accurate, as has been identified by recent findings:

It’s clear, there is a long way to go in the tests and trials of this new technology, but the fact of the matter is that there is no beating the human touch that comes with human copywriting.

Great human copywriters are here to stay! And, when the stakes are high, you can’t risk your company’s reputation on something generated by AI.



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