Canny companies never miss a chance to shout about their success. You’ve done well, you’re proud of it, so share it with the world!


Aside from websites and social media, there are many ways to highlight your work so that you only increase trust with current and prospective customers, but also boost morale among your teams.

Here are some options to broadcast your brilliant work.


1. Discussion paper or white paper

If you have plenty of in-depth information, data and ideas to share with a wider audience, a stand-alone report or white paper could be the best solution.

White papers are a valuable resource that allow you to demonstrate your knowledge, enhance your reputation and potentially attract or convert new business.

For example, we worked with Inntel to distil and leverage the results and key takeaways of a survey it had commissioned. Through the medium of a white paper, we were able to a) showcase Inntel’s thought leadership on this topic and b) build a narrative that underlined the value Inntel brings to its clients.

2. What are clients saying about you?

Asking for feedback from clients is a vital way to learn what has gone well during a project and what could be done better next time.

With your client’s permission, positive feedback can also act as an ideal testimonial and evidence of your expertise. Sharing these with your network will build trust and credibility.

Our recent blog explains how you can use platforms such as LinkedIn to display your testimonials and spread the news about your success.

3. Blogs and case studies

Perhaps you are looking to inform and motivate prospective clients. Storytelling is a great way of doing this – keeping it human. By using real examples and imagery, you can connect with your audience at the same time as bringing to life your success stories.

For Calibre One, we collaborated with digital marketing agency Waypoint to create a schedule of punchy and powerful blogs and reports for their website. This is a great example of how well structured, easy-to-digest content with tangible case studies and examples can highlight your story.

4. Get those entries in!

Entering awards is the start of wider public recognition of your company’s achievements.

There are many award platforms for different industries, so it is just a matter of finding the right one for your business. And don’t be put off by the award’s strict requirements and entry forms. If you need help, you may want to consider working with an award entry writing specialist, like Editing Edge!

At Editing Edge, and through Lesley Hussell’s role as a senior consultant for awards specialists Awards Intelligence, we have worked with world-leading businesses and individuals to help them submit winning award entries.

5. Bite-sized videos

It’s true! With shorter attention spans, consumers are turning more and more to short-form video platforms like TikTok and YouTube as the main source for news and updates.

For this reason, this medium could be the perfect solution for you to talk about your achievements in a creative, visual and fun way.

We wrote the video scripts for IBG-Unicist and IBG-World during Covid when the world and business was being turned upside down. The result was two punchy videos to promote their re-focused services.


At Editing Edge, we take great pride in showcasing our work with clients and the results we have achieved. For us, it is as much about spotlighting the impressive work our clients are doing as demonstrating how we have been able to lend a hand on these journeys.





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