5 tips for LinkedIn’s new company pages

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improve your linkedIn company profileLinkedIn company pages have recently undergone a revamp.  According to LinkedIn,

“Pages have been rebuilt from the ground up to make it easier for brands, institutions and organisations, from small businesses to large enterprises, to foster constructive conversations with LinkedIn’s community of more than 590 million members.”

In fact, they’ve even rebranded the name from LinkedIn Company Page to LinkedIn Page.  (Bet that was a long-drawn-out rebranding process).

With some new features including the addition of a tagline and moves to make the page more interactive, now is the perfect time to revisit your LinkedIn company page … sorry … LinkedIn Page.

If it isn’t already, your LinkedIn Page should be a critical part of your marketing arsenal.  If you use it properly, it can act as a mini-website for you.  That can be particularly powerful if you are struggling to optimise your own website as LinkedIn can often be the first result that comes up in a search for your company.

So how do you go about making the most of your LinkedIn Page?

Create a punchy tagline

This is a new feature and takes a prominent position in the header of your page.  In fact, it’s so new that very few businesses have filled it in, so get ahead of the curve.   You have 120 characters to create a slogan or catchphrase that encapsulates your company’s brand and purpose.

linkedIn page

Revisit your About Us section

You’ve got 2000 characters to play with.  You need to tell visitors everything they need to know about your company.  It needs to be concise, clear and convey a strong message.  Speak directly to the people who visit your page or who you want to visit your page and create copy that speaks to their interests and captivates them immediately.

Here are 5 ways to improve your About Us section:

  1. Show what difference you make to them

    Create a benefits-oriented profile that makes it easy for readers to understand what you do and how you can help them.

  1. Include keywords

    LinkedIn Pages are SEO-friendly so be sure to include keyword-rich sentences that your potential clients would use when they are thinking about your company or product.

  1. Avoid using jargon

    Make your description clear and easy to understand.  Use short, simple language that talks directly to the person reading the profile, not above the person’s head.

  1. Show what sets you apart

    What differentiators does your company have?  Highlight your company’s personality and why customers should choose you.

  2. Be human

    I know it’s a business page but there are still living, breathing people in your business. Let your visitors see your human side. People like to buy from people, not corporations, and if they feel they’re getting to know your company, they are more likely to become customers after reading your profile.

If you need a bit more inspiration, here are examples of LinkedIn profiles I’ve created:

ChangeQuest and my own company profile

For examples of personal profiles and tips on writing them see here.

And if you are still stuck on your tagline and your 2000-character About Us section, you can always call in a copywriter. Contact me here.



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