Mental health copywriting

The Client



Shawmind is an inspiring mental health charity improving mental health and emotional wellbeing in schools, universities, businesses and communities.


The Problem

CEO Adam Shaw was seeking someone he could trust to put together high-stakes submissions that demonstrated the charity’s innovative approach and its powerful impact to improve mental health awareness.

The Answer

We conducted interviews, gathered testimonials, and created compelling content for award entries and reports. We also repurposed our work for a range of applications.

copywriting for mental health


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The Result

With experience and expertise in writing glowing award entries, working together with Shawmind was a perfect match for Editing Edge founder Lesley Hussell.


Lesley started by putting together a comprehensive dossier that told Shawmind’s story in compelling human terms whilst also being based on robust facts and figures.


Key points we covered:

  • How Shawmind’s 2017 HeaducationUK campaign gathered 103,000 signatures on a petition, forced a Parliamentary debate on children’s mental health education and led to it becoming a mandatory part of the PSHE curriculum in England and Wales in 2020.
  • How the charity’s Breathe Cafés, which work in parallel with existing CCG and NHS services, are places where people can come when they feel stressed, anxious or down to find mental health and wellbeing resources, as well as a welcome cup of tea or coffee; and how it innovated again with BreatheUni.
  • How its publishing offshoot Trigger Publishing has pioneered “bibliotherapy”, publishing books that encourage recovery, healing and ongoing mental wellbeing. is the first mental health organisation of its kind and on course to become one of the largest digital mental health and wellbeing solution providers in the B2B market across the UK and US for employers, their employees, institutions, students and colleges.

Lesley was also the editor for Shawmind President Dr James Espey OBE’s latest book, 365 Quotes to Accelerate your Career and Find Balance in Life, published in 2022.


“What a wonderful nomination you have drafted. I believe I have made a great investment in you in acquiring your services for this.”

Adam Shaw, CEO Shawmind