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It’s all about the target audience

By May 21, 2023June 21st, 2023No Comments

From industry leading companies to savvy start-ups, knowing your target audience inside out is a key fundamental to the success of any business.

So, how well do you know your client? Can you think like them, talk like them, understand their needs and desires? In other words, can you walk their walk?

What you need is a strategy to reach them.

Once you fully immerse yourself in the mindset of your target audience, you will see your business thrive. But this takes careful thought, and you need to choose the right narrative – and the right words to get it across.

As strategic copywriters, we highly recommend all businesses take this strategic approach. First, thoroughly get to know your customers. Second, call in the experts to hone your narrative, and then put pen to paper. With the help of strategic copywriting, you can create compelling copy to captivate your audience.

Here are our 3 top tips:


Develop your customer personas

What is a customer persona? Well, this is where you can begin to get your team thinking creatively. Using research and data about existing and potential customers you want to paint a vivid picture of an ideal client. For example:

  • Who they are – give them a name, age…
  • What they do and where they live…
  • Their marital status. Are they single? Do they have a family?
  • What their motivations and goals are…
  • What are their pain points?

You might have more than one ideal customer/client, so map them all out.

Adjust your writing style for your audience

With a detailed customer persona in place, you will have in-depth insights into exactly who you are targeting.

So now, think about how to contact them. Are they hanging out on social media, are they reading your newsletters, do they want to engage in more detailed reports, such as white papers?

For each of these platforms, you will need to tailor your copy and content with your customer in mind. What kind of language do they want to hear? For example, for a younger, creative audience you might use a fun, witty style (read our Dylan’s Ice Cream case study). Or for an industry specific audience, such as finance or health care, a more formal, intellectual tone (see our Shawmind case study)

Also consider how much time your audience has. Are their days jam packed so they need quick, to-the-point and easily digestible copy and content…?

Stuck for ideas?

Sometimes it’s worth reaching out to a professional who has bags of experience when it comes to developing the appropriate tone of voice and style to reach your target audience. At Editing Edge, we’ve worked with many industry leaders, award winners and game changers – helping them get their message bang on target. Our strategic copywriting goes above and beyond what you know already and is crafted with a real sense of purpose.


Need help talking to your customer? Contact the experts at Editing Edge:


I’m Lesley Hussell and my job is to bring some copywriting magic to your business, so you sell more, inspire your staff or spread your message far and wide. You’ll want to know how I measure up against other copywriters you’re considering, and whether I’m good enough to be trusted with your brand. If you’re looking for quick wit, creative thinking and a flair for compelling content writing.