The Client


ChangeQuest run courses in change management, project management and people skills to help organisations thrive in fast-changing times.

The Problem

White Papers explore a subject in more detail than a blog or short article. They are a valuable website resource that allow you to demonstrate your knowledge, enhance your reputation and potentially attract or convert new business.

ChangeQuest wanted to repurpose two webinars they had run, drawing out the best content and presenting them as two White Papers to highlight their thought leadership.

Having put a great deal of effort into researching and hosting the webinars, they wanted to squeeze more value out of this work.

The goal in creating the first White Paper was to get it accepted by an industry body and showcased on their website. This would give ChangeQuest recognition and a sales funnel.

The other White Paper was for ChangeQuest’s own website, again to position them as thought leaders and provide more in-depth material to attract their key clients.

The Answer

We worked with the material from the webinars and further reading and insights provided by ChangeQuest to create two fact-packed and useful White Papers:

Change Agents – Pathfinders for change – putting “boots on the ground” to help others through the stresses and strains of changes.

Tackling the pace of change – teaching employees a change-ready mindset in a world where change keeps getting faster.

The White Papers were presented in a fresh and vibrant format, using quotes, images and graphics for maximum effect. Plenty of white space and text broken down into bite-sized chunks make them easy to read whether readers want to skim or delve into detail.

The Result

The Change Agent White Paper was accepted by AMPG, an international training accreditor. They branded it and have put it on their website as a download as well as publicising it on social media.  Both ChangeQuest and APMG are pleased with the result.

You can see it on the APMG website here  (Click on the link under the documentation section on the RHS).

The Tackling the pace of change White Paper has been published on ChangeQuest’s own website and has attracted much attention from their clients on social media and through their newsletter.

You can see it on the ChangeQuest website here

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