The Client


Inntel is the UK’s largest independent meetings and travel management company.


The Problem

Inntel wanted to persuade their clients they did not have to give up international travel – meetings and conferences – to meet their sustainability goals. e.g. a client has sales teams from three continents. Do they meet in Amsterdam or Atlanta?

The starting point – Inntel carried out a survey which highlighted a desire for greener travel but also pinpointed concerns that sustainability could be expensive.

The survey was a complex and valuable piece of work so Inntel wanted to capitalise on its findings to create a white paper as marketing collateral.

The Answer

Working together with the brilliant design team at the creative marketing agency Valiant Design we:

  • Pulled together punchy stats, such as: If aviation were a country, it would be the world’s 6th largest CO2 emitter, between Japan and Germany
  • Researched widely, and used sources such as the World Travel and Tourism Council
  • Explained how event organisers can find the right balance. For example, we produced a guide on how to reduce costs and care for the climate through conserving energy (e.g. picking a venue close to public transport and only lighting/heating the space actually needed), cutting waste and buying local products
  • Assessed the use of big data and predictive analysis to find venues for international get-togethers that save money and CO2, and allow events teams to book suitably sized spaces based on a reliable prediction of how many people will be attending

To make the white paper relatable to the reader, we found human examples such as: McCormick Place Hotel in Chicago, where a rooftop garden spreading over 2.5 acres produces more than three tonnes of seasonal vegetables and herbs used in the kitchens; British Airways offsetting all domestic flight emissions; and Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) allowing passengers to buy biofuel to cut CO2 emissions by up to 80%.

The Result

A white paper provided the perfect medium to leverage the results and key takeaways of Inntel’s survey to a) showcase Inntel’s thought leadership on this topic and b) build a narrative that underlined the value Inntel brings to its clients.

Additionally, the white paper met Inntel’s purpose by showcasing how its clients could benefit from international travel whilst also being able to support the environment.

The white paper – Climate Care vs. Cost


The white paper concluded

“Proving your green CSR credentials provides superb opportunities to polish your organisation’s reputation: you can enhance its image by promoting your commitment to sustainable development through PR. Doing so can raise the profile of your meeting, attract attendees and increase awareness of your company in general.”

White papers serve the same purpose – presenting complex concepts, information, trends and innovations in a clear, logical and attractive way. The research and insights presented can position you as a thought leader on the subject and a source of valuable information for your clients.

Editing Edge’s Director Lesley Hussell is well versed in producing clear, concise and compelling white papers that can help establish your expertise and reputation in your field.


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