The Client


Listening to staff and getting them to listen to you can be tough. Talkfreely have developed a suite of apps to build company-wide communication in fractured modern workplaces. Their mission is to provide the perfect tools for employees to be heard, even if they are not seen.


The Problem

Talkfreely wanted to demonstrate their thought leadership and use the opportunity to optimise their website to achieve top rankings on the search engines.  They approached Editing Edge to create a series of website articles that would establish their expertise in the field of Internal Communication.

The Answer

We created a series of articles under the heading:

“Internal Communications: nearly everything you need to know…”

This was a mammoth piece of work but delivered to readers in bite-sized chunks with catchy headings, easy-to-read bullet points, human examples and graphics.

First, we wrote a pillar page for the Insights section of the Talkfreely website, introducing a dozen aspects of Internal Communications.  Topics covered included:

  • What is Internal Communication?
  • EUREKA! Why Internal Communications really matters
  • How to improve Internal Communication in an organisation
  • Internal Communication case studies – the terrible and the terrific.

Then we added full 1,000-word articles expanding on each topic.

The Result

Talkfreely insights

There were many benefits:

  • For thought leadership, these pieces created the definitive guide to Internal Communication and demonstrate that Talkfreely understand their clients’ problems and how to overcome them.
  • For SEO there is plenty of natural, informative and engaging content using all the keywords their target market would type or talk into a search query.
  • The articles provide continual engagement with their target audience. Talkfreely have been posting the full articles as a series of blogs, providing a stream of content over 12 weeks. Being evergreen content, they will continue to attract new audiences all the time.

Testimonial: “This is very good stuff.”

Talk to your customers through quality content

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