The Client

ReportGorilla Website

ReportGorilla crunches data generated by surveys such as SurveyMonkey for businesses from florists to pharma. These companies use SurveyMonkey to get feedback from staff and customers, but end up with reams of answers that can be hard to make the most of.

ReportGorilla uses the data to find patterns that tell important stories about the business – and this idea of telling stories was at the heart of Editing Edge’s work.


The Problem

ReportGorilla had some fantastic technology, but was struggling to find a bright, persuasive way to explain what it did.

The Answer

We developed website pages and an EU grant application, working hand in glove with ReportGorilla’s founder Theo Sahlsberg. A Swede with a stunning command of English and ready wit, Theo was a pleasure to work with.

The Result

The result was a website with strong messages about outcomes, lively graphics and a focus on people rather than tech. Or as we put it:

“Discover the human stories beneath the numbers and reach the smart insights that enable better decisions.”

Testimonial from ReportGorilla

“This is great! Thanks Lesley for your fine work. Fills me with excitement to read it.”

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