simon warman-freed

The Client


Simon Warman-Freed is an entrepreneur with a real knack for reinventing his businesses. After founding several successful companies in the sales and marketing sphere his latest project was a business under his own personal brand.

The Problem

Initially planned as a consultancy to help businesses grow, Simon repurposed as Covid made it clear that survival rather than growth was uppermost in the minds of many of his clients. The key messaging therefore pivoted from “grow your business” to “save your business.”

Simon needed website content, as well as a brochure that prospects could download for a bit more detail and that would allow him to capture their email addresses. He also wanted some punchy messaging for an email campaign and for LinkedIn, which had been a great source of leads for him in the past.

The Answer

We created content for Simon based on the idea of problem solving. The website presented visitors with a grid of 15 common business problems and showcased how Simon could help them solve each one.

The homepage headline was:

Your survival, solved.

with the subheadings promising:

Ready-to-go answers to your toughest challenges

Sales and marketing expertise to make a difference right now

The key was to make the content upbeat and encouraging, focusing on how clients would feel once Simon had helped them overcome the challenges dragging them down.

Taking this further, we planted the idea of future growth ahead once their current situation had stabilised.

Typical content included:

Need more sales from existing customers

Imagine the rewards for turning one-off sales into repeat customers and multiplying the value of orders from your loyal clients.


My sales and marketing techniques are based on exploiting the advantages you already have, and unlocking potential for growth you might never have considered.

The Result

A compelling website, brochure, email campaign and LinkedIn messaging that all built on the twin ideas of short-term survival followed by sustainable growth.

Lesley has a great capacity to turn concepts into comms. I have worked with Lesley for a number of years and am delighted with the output she creates. I would highly recommend Lesley to anyone needing to communicate to any audience in a clear, concise, and compelling way.

Simon Warman-Freed


If you are seeking a punchy, powerful and consistent message across all your marketing channels, please get in touch with Lesley at Editing Edge.