The Client


ChangeQuest specialise in in-company training courses in change management, project management and people skills, helping organisations thrive in fast-changing times.

They recently launched a new website and Editing Edge provided the copy.

The Problem

ChangeQuest had commissioned a new website to reflect their move away from open courses to in-house bespoke training where relationships with their corporate clients are pivotal.  The website needed to differentiate them from the many faceless training companies on the market.

The original copy provided by the web designers was dull, too generalised (it could have applied to any number of businesses) and had no human touch.  ChangeQuest approached Editing Edge to revamp the website copy.

The Answer

We spent time with ChangeQuest, listening to what they were trying to do and what they didn’t like about their current copy. We asked the right questions to understand the message they wanted to convey. We had a very tight turnaround as the website had already been created and they wanted to launch quickly with the revised copy.

The Result

We created copy that showed their passion, using human examples to convince clients that after a ChangeQuest course they would have the confidence to take change in their stride and reap the benefits for their organisation. They were extremely pleased with the new copy and subsequently commissioned us to revamp their Linkedin profiles. We now regularly write blogs and thought-leadership pieces for ChangeQuest.

“Really love what you’ve written. It is so true and ticks all the boxes.”

Ranjit Sidhu, founder, ChangeQuest

Don’t settle for mediocre words on your website – stand apart from the rest with copy that speaks volumes

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