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It’s that time of year again

By February 25, 2016July 14th, 2020No Comments

seasonal blogLast year you missed Valentine’s Day… again. Mother’s Day, you didn’t give it a second thought. Easter, you were far too busy to notice and as for Christmas … it’s too late to do anything now!

I’m not talking about sending cards, flowers or chocolates to your loved ones. I’m here to talk marketing. Whether you are a romantic who celebrates or a bah-humbug who revels in ignoring these occasions, seasonal events provide a great opportunity to promote your business or service. You don’t have to be a card manufacturer to profit.

There’s huge potential for businesses to include seasonal events in their marketing plans and perhaps in ways that can be really creative if you put a bit of thought in. If you have a blog it’s an opportunity to write some interesting articles to attract more business. Or the seasonal event might be the catalyst to create a more intense marketing campaign – social media, website, mailings, PR or advertising, to name some options.

seasonal copywritingLet me give you a few examples to set your creative juices flowing. One of the biggest seasonal events (for florist and chocolatiers) is Mother’s Day. I put together a press release for a travel company with ideas for alternative Mother’s Day gifts such as:

  • Instead of a bouquet of flowers: book a weekend in Jersey, known as the Floral Island, to coincide with the annual June in Bloom flower festival
  • Instead of a scented candle: book a spa break.
  • Instead of a box of chocs: book a trip to Brussels to taste the best Belgian chocolates, moments out of the confectioner’s kitchen
  • Instead of a Sunday drive: book a cruise.

Here are some ideas for other seasonal events:

  • A garden designer or hair salon could use social media to offer a spring makeover.
  • Travel agents might blog on 10 ways to keep kids happy on the plane this Easter.
  • Builders might try, ‘Give Dad a rest from DIY, call in the pros’ on Father’s Day.

I strongly recommend using real life to help people grasp immediately how you can solve their problems. For example, a security company could offer: ‘Night security patrols for the price of a cup of coffee, while you enjoy Christmas peace of mind.’

I know I’ve mentioned the C word, but there are plenty of businesses that have to do all their Christmas preparation in the heat of the summer.

Now it’s over to you …

To help you plan ahead for the year and take advantage of seasonal events here’s a simple downloadable plan for you to fill in and refer back to over the year.

Seasonal Blogging Plan


I wouldn’t expect you to blog on every event (your customers would turn if you did) but choose those that spark an idea or mean something to your customers or your business.


And if you’re stuck on what to write or how to make it sparkle … you know who can help, so get in touch with us at Editing Edge.


I’m Lesley Hussell and my job is to bring some copywriting magic to your business, so you sell more, inspire your staff or spread your message far and wide. You’ll want to know how I measure up against other copywriters you’re considering, and whether I’m good enough to be trusted with your brand. If you’re looking for quick wit, creative thinking and a flair for compelling content writing.