masks world case study

The Client

Masks World

Masks World is a new business set up by parent company Veenak International. Veenak is a pharmaceutical and medication supplies company that has been running for 30 years.

Masks World

Veenak International

Veenak PPE

The Problem

As a long-established supplier of medical products with extensive supply chains, Veenak International was in the perfect position to respond rapidly to the Covid-19 pandemic.

It initially launched Veenak PPE and was able to source PPE needed at the height of the pandemic in the UK for hospitals, local authorities, care homes, schools and other key institutions.

When the UK Government made masks mandatory on public transport and advised their use in public spaces, Veenak responded to the increased demand for masks by launching another new offshoot, Masks World. The company sources masks from China and has a solid supply chain with considerable buying power.

Veenak needed to update its parent website as it was old and not fit for purpose in the current circumstances, as well as quickly launching two new websites for the new divisions.  The Managing Director approached me to write the copy for all three.

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The Answer

The key was to leverage their 30-year reputation with an impressive turnover, massive supply chain, great testimonials and very good company values. I used that track record to instil trust in customers, particularly the belief that Veenak/Masks World would be able to supply the promised goods. This was critically important both with PPE and with masks as many companies were making promises they then couldn’t keep.

I carried out a competitor analysis for Masks World, looking at five of their competitors’ websites. It was clear that some were out of stock of the masks that customers were wanting to buy. It was also apparent that some of these companies have been started from scratch with no experience whatsoever in the pharmaceutical or health sector. Many of them made a big feature of the individual cost of their masks. I created content and worked with the design and web build teams at Masks World to make sure the website answered all these issues.

I advised them to price per mask rather than per pack and state this boldly on the website. A USP of Masks World is that they have “the cheapest masks on the web today” – they keep a track of prices and dynamically lower their prices in response. Previously their website banner quoted prices for a pack so they were losing customers to rivals who were pricing per mask – with 65p being a more appealing headline figure than £5.99.

I suggested stressing that they had everything in stock because that would set them apart from competitors. And I leveraged Veenak’s three decades of experience in the sector to make them stand out from others who had come from all different businesses and were just jumping on masks as an instant business opportunity.

I went further and ordered a packet of masks myself so I could test how the website was working for simplicity of ordering and reliability of delivery, and when the masks arrived promptly the next day as promised I wrote a testimonial in my own name which then was put on the Home Page. Clearly I was among the very first customers, so used personal experience to provide a recommendation that helped boost Mask World’s credibility.

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The company did some radio advertising and we made the most of this by including a banner on the Home Page saying: “As heard on Heart FM …”

The Result

The websites were created in very tight timescales and sales have been impressive to date.  Both the PPE website and the Masks World website were great examples of responding speedily to changing events, seizing that market opportunity and producing focused content at pace.

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