The Client

Cirios Adverts

Cirios are a Mexican fish farm producing succulent luxury fish for America’s finest chefs.  The fish are created in a unique land-based seawater aquaculture facility.  Their aim is for their fish to live happily and grow stress and disease-free, with minimum handling.

In a nutshell, Seafood produced as everyone should, putting the planet first.

Editing Edge created a serious of adverts for Cirios to go into upmarket US culinary magazines.

The Problem

Cirios needed to create a series of adverts that would appeal to the high-end US restaurants, demonstrating the quality of their fish and innovative production methods whilst highlighting how they are committed to protecting the environment.

We had to work across international boundaries and languages, with the crew in Mexico, graphic designers in Norway (chosen because of their fishing industry marketing expertise) … and, of course, writing for the U.S. market.

Collaborating with a team whose first language was Spanish or Norwegian had its own set of challenges but luckily their English was excellent.

The Answer

This project lasted over nine months to evolve a narrative that gave the business a compelling story. It was great fun working with the crew in Mexico.

After we created the copy for their website we had to refine the detail of every website page and distil the messaging into just 30 words or so for each ad.

The Result

The adverts combine stunning imagery and a succinct message that tells the story of their innovative business. The first ad appeared in the July issue of the quarterly Art Culinaire in the US.

This was a fabulous project to work on.

THIS IS GREAT Lesley! I am happy, and it was exactly what I was asking for! You have done a great job. I will keep this close to my heart because this REALLY makes it easier to tell the story of what Cirios does! GRREEAT! 🙂

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