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Giving your website extra sparkle

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How we create website copy for our clients from scratch – Part 2

This is the second part of our guide to creating website copy that sparkles.

(If you missed Part 1 with insider tips on understanding your target audience and being clear with your goals, you can read it here).

After years of writing website copy for clients large and small, start-ups to long-established businesses, we have developed some smart techniques that turn a blank page into dazzling content every time.

sparkling website copy

Make it compelling

  • Tell your reader what you are selling clearly and simply
  • Tell them “What’s In It For Me” (WIIFM – the benefit they will get)
  • Tell them why they should choose you: give examples of your experience/credibility. Use testimonial quotes and case studies
  • Hunt out hidden nuggets – points that make your company special. Things you take for granted so bury away but would grab customers’ attention. Exude the enthusiasm customers will feel once they’re using your product/service. Think about:
    • what makes you stand out
    • what your clients love about you
    • what makes you bounce into work with a smile each morning.
  • Don’t be chronological – put the best bits first. Particularly on an ‘About Us’ page.

Our client Waterlogic had plenty of copy on their old website, but it was dry and technical, unfocused and lacked punch. The brief from their brand specialists was to give the whole website a much more human, approachable tone.  We transformed the feel of the website with a fresh conversational copywriting style that immediately engages the reader.

Killer tips for your home page

  • State clearly what you actually do: if you unblock drains, isn’t that much punchier than a vague ‘bespoke wastewater solutions’?
  • Include a feature quote from a happy customer: just 10 or 15 words of praise in bold or bigger type.
  • Add a nice big phone number. Customers need to be able to get hold of you now.
  • Write a headline saying what you do and how clients benefit.

The challenge for Dylan’s Ice Cream was to evoke mouthwatering and tastebud-tickling flavours and textures in a fresh, lively language. We interviewed the owner of Dylan’s to get the human touch and the story behind the brand.

The resulting home page was rather scrumptious.

The benefits of working with Editing Edge to create your website copy

Many of our clients struggle to step back and see things from a customer perspective. We offer fresh eyes, fresh thinking and the ability to find the stories that make you special.

We push the project along, gather background material from diverse sources and give you the impetus to get your site live.

We live and breathe words. Your expertise may be engineering, change management or charity work – that doesn’t necessarily make you a wordsmith. Concentrate on what you do best and bring in the copywriting experts who can showcase it to the world.

Find out more about our website copywriting or get in touch with Lesley to discuss your website now.



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