dylan ice cream website

The Client

Dylan’s Ice Cream

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, but if you get the words right as well you can evoke the most amazing reactions from readers. In the case of this ice cream website we literally wanted website visitors to drool when they read about the ice cream treats on offer.


The Problem

Dylan’s Ice Cream set up their ice cream parlour in Haslemere in 2014 and their expanding businesses needed a website to attract even more customers and promote their roving vans and supplier relationships. The challenge was to evoke mouthwatering and tastebud-tickling flavours and textures in a fresh, lively language.

The Answer

Editing Edge worked on their new website with talented graphic designer Nick Pye from Agent 8 in Petersfield who created quirky branding and design. Lesley, at Editing Edge, interviewed the owner of Dylan’s to get the human touch and the story behind the brand.

The Result

This was brilliant fun, stretching our imagination to conjure up all sorts of delicious sensations.

Bringing a website to life with evocative words

The combination of the quirky designs, beautiful photos and words that melt in your mouth, like the ice cream it talks about, complement each other perfectly to create a mouthwatering experience – I defy anyone to tell me they don’t feel like an ice cream after visiting their website!

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