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Copywriting for Financial Services Industry

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financial copywriterOr how to turn dull words into something interesting!

Financial services and insurance – I’m not out to offend here but, let’s face it, it’s not something that sends shivers of excitement down many people. Through no fault of its own, the industry sells products that customers are either obliged to have (and would rather not spend money on) such as insurance or mortgages, or would prefer not to think about (such as life assurance).

Unless customers are excited by monetary analysis or insurance comparison sites, reading through a mortgage brochure or investment guide can be tedious, and that’s a real problem for many financial services companies trying to attract new business.

If you are one of them, you are potentially already on a losing streak when someone visits your website or sits down with your brochure. Sorting out finances is a job they’ve most likely been putting off, and they may be feeling impatient and confused.

It’s not helped by the fact that many financial services websites and brochures tend to say the same old thing: trust in us, established reputation, your money safe in our hands … heard it all before???  So have your clients!

So how do you stand out from the crowd and make potential clients tune into what you’ve got to say?

Use powerful copy.  A financial copywriter can turn dry product features into amazing benefits, scare your clients into taking action (if you choose to go down that route), and even make the research and decision process an enjoyable one – yes, really!

If you are looking for someone to weave gold from of those dull financial terms, Editing Edge have plenty of financial copywriting experience.

We’ve written IFA blogs on themes from Downton Abbey (inheritance tax!) to avoiding a bleak old age.

We’ve written content for financial services websites from travel insurance landing pages and blogs to financial services lead generation  – see the Leadstream portfolio. Travel insurance copywriting has great scope for colourful, compelling content, with wonderful destinations into which you can drop your target phrases from “over 55s travel insurance” to “backpacker insurance.”

We’ve created keyword-focused copy (combined with a strong personal story) for an IFA to attract more leads on

In the words of one client:

Lesley’s work is of an extremely high standard. Her attention to detail is second to none.”

We’ve also crafted lively sales brochures aimed at attracting new recruits into financial services, such as this tempting messaging for a brokerage firm:

Our broker package is your opportunity to build a successful business in the lucrative financial services industry. You will receive the specialist training, the expert tools and the hot leads to grow and sustain a business that could earn you £350,000 a year – and more.”


If you need a financial services or insurance copywriter to make you stand out, get in touch with us at Editing Edge.

Some carefully crafted words, written for your target audience in the right tone of voice, might be the best investment in marketing you make this year.



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