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A Day in the Life

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Whose story can you tell to boost your business?

day in the life

It can be a real chore to write regular news updates on a business website … coming up with fresh ideas, keeping the momentum going and finding the time to do it.

Despite knowing the benefit of regular website updates (from helping your website get found online to engaging your customers), many businesses push website copywriting to the bottom of their list.

If this sounds familiar to you, here’s a simple idea to keep your website shiny and fresh – write news stories around a Day in the Life theme.

You could create a series or just a one-off (if you only have a small team) to describe an employee’s typical working day, and weave in some great snippets about your business in the process.

A Day in the Life article is a fantastic way to:

[list icon=”moon-pencil-2″ color=”#12B9D9″]engage the local community. An example is a recent Day in the Life series I wrote for Langmead Farms. They have a fantastic reputation with UK supermarkets but local people only see the tractors holding up traffic and mud on the roads. [/list] [list icon=”moon-pencil-2″ color=”#12B9D9″]write in lots of key messages about your business, for example quality, besting competitors and caring for staff.[/list] [list icon=”moon-pencil-2″ color=”#12B9D9″]populate a website with fresh content – for those marketing benefits mentioned above.[/list] [list icon=”moon-pencil-2″ color=”#12B9D9″]bring your website to life with some great pictures of your staff doing the things they describe in the blog.[/list]


To get your creative juices going, check out some recent Day in the Life stories I’ve written for Langmead.

I would add that you need to take a step back when writing a Day in the Life story to ensure it appeals to your readers and avoids jargon.  If you need help or lack the time to do it for your business, give me a call and I’ll soon whip up a Day in the Life to bring your business to life!



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