5 ways to get your start-up business known

Yes, this is it! You’ve started a business and you want to let everyone know. You need to get your name Out There so happy clients will trip eagerly to your door.

But because you’re an accountant/paragliding teacher/chocolate maker you don’t know a lot about copywriting for marketing, PR and promotions.

So you’re stuck for what to say and where to say it.

Here’s a bite-sized guide. Doing any of these things will help, but the more you can do the better.

Website – once you start a business people will look for one. It doesn’t have to be big, clever and complex with lots of widgets. A few pages will do and keep the message simple: the benefit of what you sell to your customers. Plus a nice, fat phone number.

Blogging – establish the personality of your business/brand then share your enthusiasm with regular posts blending topical comment, useful tips and special offers. Be bright, lively, funny and engage with the public. Why? You’re building brand awareness.

Press release – come up with a human-interest story to promote your business in the local media. Nothing too sales-y and make sure the style is right for the paper/radio/TV show. Oh, and check your target customers actually read/listen/watch it.

Networking – get your show on the road and pitch a simple message each time, varying it week by week to keep it interesting. Use real-life case studies to show what you do and remember, everyone knows someone who knows someone who needs you!

Testimonials – praise from your best customers (your raving fans) is a powerful weapon so collect it ruthlessly, saving emails and asking good clients what they like most about you. Edit testimonials down to the crux for more impact and use them on all your bumpf.

Some of these take practice but you may find you’re a natural – after all, it’s your business, you’re pleased as punch about it and you want to tell the world.

Just remember our golden rule: ‘Think like your customers.’ Just because one particular bit of your business takes you more time/effort than the rest doesn’t mean it’s the most interesting to customers. Think what their problems are and how you solve them. Then offer them the answer, pure and simple.



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