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How to make social media work for you

There’s a golden rule of journalism that applies just as much for social media: NAMES MAKE NEWS!

I write it in capitals because I always think of my old journalism tutor stalking the classroom, yelling it at us like some deranged mantra.

The point is that by putting names in a story – or a Tweet or blog – you give your readers something to latch onto, something familiar, something of interest. (And the art of writing is, after all, to be interesting.)

For example: ‘A man was injured today’ = boring.
But: ‘David Cameron fell off his bike in Downing Street today and broke his leg’ = far more interesting.

I exaggerate but you see the point. I’d say that NAMES MAKE NEWS! (sorry, force of habit) is just as relevant when you’re Tweeting or posting updates on LinkedIn.

So don’t Tweet: ‘Going networking’
Tweet: ‘Going networking at Red Lion in Townsville. Landlord Bob’s South African. Great food.’

Why? Because you’ve given your followers/readers lots more chances to engage with you (the essence of successful social media.)

They can jump in with their own comments: there are 5 things in your Tweet they could know about/have opinions on, from the quality of the beer at the Red Lion to the fact that they’re from Cape Town and will call in to meet Bob next time they’re passing.

It comes down to human stories, making connections, talking to people. You know the cliché ‘people buy from people’? It’s true.



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