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Christmas blogging: last-minute advice

Ideas to generate more business
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How to make social media work for you
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Hello world!

5 ways to get your start-up business known
Yes, this is it! You’ve started a business and you want to let everyone know. You need to get your name Out There so happy clients will trip… Read more

What has Twitter ever done for me?

In the last few weeks at Editing Edge we’ve been making a big effort to bump up our Twitter activity and yes, as everyone predicted, we’ve been reaping the rewards. 
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Why FAT is a great headline

  I saw a great headline the other day: ‘Why it might not be your fault you’re FAT!’ What makes it a good headline? Something about the way it screamed FAT! made me smile, but it… Read more

5 ways to improve your Home Page in 5 minutes

You only have a few seconds when a potential customer clicks on your Home Page to grab their attention.
Otherwise they’ll flit off to see what your competitors have to say.
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