Let the Royals boost your business

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Let the Royals promote your business


Some clients are a touch peeved at the number of bank holidays coming up, which, arriving full-on after the Easter holidays, are proving mighty disruptive.


There are opportunities out there in terms of promotion and publicity, however, for those with a bit of imagination (and perhaps a high embarrassment threshold?)


We don’t mean Royal Wedding tea towels – although if your firm sees a way of encouraging customer loyalty over the washing up, why not?


It’s a case of chiming in with the national feelgood factor by highlighting certain products/services you offer.


One of our clients sells jewellery and there’s a natural opportunity to promote items as, for example, a) fit for a princess or b) Palace glamour without the hefty price tag or c) a sparkling way to look special even if you can’t book Westminster Abbey.


Travel agents can offer Royal-style honeymoons as well as alternative honeymoons (not forgetting the new must-go destination of Anglesey.)


Financial advisers can point out that few of us have the job security and family fortune enjoyed by William, so might usefully review our pension and investment positions.


Nurseries can run King and Queen dressing up days, and send the cute pictures to the local paper.


We’re sure you’ll have your own ideas. Vive la monarchie!




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