The IKEA approach to copywriting

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We’re indebted to our friend Dr David Hillson aka The Risk Doctor for the following wise words.


He applies them to reducing risk in business and seizing opportunity, but they’re also a great guide to copywriting.


David’s a real pro at making risk management sound lively and engaging, and we love his IKEA approach, based on the instructions in their self-assembly furniture!


He says:


Managing risk would be much easier if we adopted the IKEA approach. This means that we should:


  • Provide a checklist of what is needed at the start, and clearly describe the intended outcome
  • Use the minimum number of words, with diagrams illustrating the most important parts of the process
  • Ensure that all instructions can be understood by a normal person, with no specialist jargon or technical language
  • Design the process logically so that it is obvious what to do next 
  • Use high-quality components that have been well tested and proved to work 
  • Check that nothing essential has been left out.



When you’re writing for your website or brochure, we’d also suggest you work with a customer-focused checklist, keep words to a minimum, cut out jargon, use high-quality copy and cover all the essentials.


We know David would approve (we edited his book Exploiting Future Uncertainty) and we recommend his regular briefings on www.risk-doctor.com



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