Avoiding Woeful Waffle

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What’s worse? Blank screen syndrome or woeful waffle? Neither is getting your message across.


Imagine you have a brochure to compose or your sparkling new website to populate with content. You have so much you want to say about your business you don’t know where to begin …


A good tip is not to begin at the beginning at all. Instead, jot down three bullet points for each of your main headings. Use them to write clear, informative sentences – thinking about what your customers are really interested in, not what you want to tell them.


Read through what you’ve got, then come up with a bright, snappy opening. It’s easier if you’ve already got the bulk of your message off your chest.


The opposite is woeful waffle. You sit down at your keyboard and, full of passion for your product, rattle out ten pages in half an hour. Sadly, not much of it is likely to interest potential customers.


You need to capture their attention with a few powerful selling points, convince them you know what you’re talking about, then tempt them into calling you for more information.


You’ll need your phone number and email address prominently on each page.


When they call you can answer each customer’s specific question with a targeted response. That way they find out exactly what they needed to know. Far better than being battered with fact after (boring or confusing) fact until they run for cover.




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