The Client

The Nutrition Coach

Bright brochure writing

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A funky brochure for Harley Street practice The Nutrition Coach, with plenty of quotes and fascinating facts to dress up the pages.

Sparkling, effective brochure writing pulls in new customers. We gather all the vital info, cut out waffle and focus on a strong sales message.

The problem

The Nutrition Coach wanted to step up a gear to convince more corporate clients to book sessions for staff and pay more attention to the quality of workplace restaurant menus. The problem was that they had so much to say.

The answer

Editing Edge went through extensive background material on the Nutrition Coach website and interviewed the MD to define some core benefits to companies – healthier and happier employees. Our brochure writing looks great on the page because we also research key quotes from experts and fascinating facts to bring the subject to life.

The result

The Nutrition Coach (based in Harley Street, London, and Portsmouth, Hampshire) have a bright, clear, succinct and high-quality brochure perfect for a corporate audience.

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Whether you are looking for eight pages or 64, we can help. We can draw out your compelling USPs, highlight the benefits to your customers and add testimonials and case studies, relevant facts or expert research to back up your story.

Our brochure writing style can be funky, elegant, formal or conversational – whatever suits your business and your customers.

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