The Client

How to be a Hypnotherapist

Lorraine Gleeson wrote a highly acclaimed book on hypnotherapy which was produced by our ghostwriting service: How to be a Hypnotherapist.

The client was thrilled to see her course notes, personal anecdotes and case studies given structure, focus, a narrative and that all-important quality – oomph! Ghostwriting the book was great fun. Book editing is detailed, time-consuming and often nit-picking, but there is also the fun of creating an over-arching strategy and telling a great story.

We were delighted that the hypnotherapy book also won plaudits from some of the discipline’s acknowledged experts in the UK and United States.

Here is what the experts said. We liked their comments so much we used them in the foreword of the book:

“There are hundreds of books on hypnotherapy on the shelves and most of them should stay there! This book will appeal to both the novice just starting out and the experienced therapist wishing to up their game. Well written, easy to read, it should be in the collection of every hypnotherapist. It is already in mine!”

John Maclean, Creator of the Hypno-Band System

“This is a work of unquestionable enlightenment … a book that is by turn amusing, witty and, by shunning the use of technical jargon, extremely accessible. With admirable generosity of spirit, the author liberally salts the text with personal anecdotes, all of which add subtle flavouring to a subject that, in some hands, might otherwise have turned into a somewhat dry and academic dish.

“She has an infectious enthusiasm for her chosen profession and this permeates every page. I would recommend this book to anyone who may be interested in becoming a hypnotherapist.”

William Broom, UK General Hypnotherapy Standards Council 

Buy the book here on Amazon.

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