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Topical blogging – timing is everything

By June 24, 2019August 27th, 2019No Comments

In the digital era, where news spreads fast and fads come and go at lightning speed, your take or opinion on a topical issue needs to be relayed quickly before it becomes dated and worthless.

Your website blog is the perfect medium to provide in-the-moment, more newsworthy content.

It enables you to react quickly to events and express your opinion, provide commentary or perhaps challenge the current position. It’s something you have 100% control over.

The benefits of topical blogging

Whilst much of your planned website blogging will be evergreen (long-lasting and covering areas that are always of interest in your industry), there should always be room for topical blogging.  It has many benefits for your business, including:

topical bloggingThought leadership

A topical blog is a great way to show how on-the-ball your business is. It enables you to position yourself as a thought leader – demonstrating your knowledge and expertise in your industry, continually challenging and providing inspiration and ideas. To do this it’s not enough to regurgitate current news, you need to add your own spin or angle to show why your business is talking about this and adding value.

Building up relationships

It helps your reader get to know you and your business better, building trust and leading them to make that purchase or use your service.

Answer questions

It can solve problems and answer questions your readers might have when an issue arises in your industry.


Topical content has huge SEO value. People want to find out all they can about that particular new product, event or news story. If you are creating a great piece of topical content, with all relevant data points and information included and are one of the first credible sources to cover it, you could gain valuable backlinks to your article with others referencing your business or blog as a source.

Timing is everything

Your topical content can bring many new visitors to your site, but this will only be a temporary surge in traffic – so you need to make the most of that opportunity within the limited time frame.

Timing is critical and you may need help pulling together a compelling blog, particularly if you are tied up in the event yourself. If you delay, your blog post may become old news and the effort to create the content will have been wasted.

That’s where a copywriting team like Editing Edge can help by writing a blog on your behalf while it’s still fresh rather than weeks after the event.

We can adopt your style and tone to ghostwrite topical blogs if you send us background notes, rough thoughts or a few bullet points, or on the basis of a quick phone call.

One good example is our client Langmead: The human touch

In the case of ChangeQuest, we have produced not just topical blogs but also White Papers based on their frequent conference keynotes and webinars. They need to get their follow-up messages out to their audiences whilst the topic is on trend and we turn their presentations into valuable online content: Wow white papers

Get your topical blog out there whilst it’s still today’s news – contact Lesley at Editing Edge.

I’m Lesley Hussell and my job is to bring some copywriting magic to your business, so you sell more, inspire your staff or spread your message far and wide. You’ll want to know how I measure up against other copywriters you’re considering, and whether I’m good enough to be trusted with your brand. If you’re looking for quick wit, creative thinking and a flair for compelling content writing.