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Like getting your money’s worth?

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repurpose your website copyLike getting your money’s worth?  You may recognise this as an advertising slogan from a rather famous fast food brand however the sentiment extends far beyond our burger-buying antics.  From buy-one-get-one-free bargains to sales discounts and cash back, we are suckers for a good deal.

When you are investing in your business, you want the best deal possible, especially if it has an impact on the bottom line. Hiring a copywriter is no exception. It’s not always an easy decision to outsource copywriting so it helps when your copywriter can give you a return on your initial investment, not once but twice or maybe multiple times.

How a good copywriter can save you money

At Editing Edge we provide a holistic approach to creating copy.  If we are asked to write copy for your business, part of our fact-finding mission is to ascertain where else you can use that copy.  You might be able to repurpose your website copy in a brochure.  Your brochure copy could be used on your Linkedin profile. A case study for your website could be turned into a white paper. Your blog could become a press release.

We think ahead to help you use your new content effectively across your business.

Here are 10 examples of where we’ve repurposed copy for our clients.

  1. Review hairdressing – we wrote one cracking award entry then reworked it to fit the criteria for a second award. Review went on to become finalists for both national British hairdressing awards.
  2. ChangeQuest – we have turned webinars into blogs and white papers for the ChangeQuest website.
  3. Cirios (seafood) – after creating website copy we distilled the messaging into just 30 words or so for a series of advertisements.
  4. Talkfreely – we turned award entries into case studies, and website copy into blogs.
  5. Dylan’s Ice Cream – we repurposed web copy for press releases with great success.
  6. Portsmouth International Port ­– we sourced stories and fascinating facts for a newsletter from press releases, travel news, special offers, festivals and tourist events at destinations served by the Port.
  7. Turning a blog in to a book – we took a series of Dr David Hillson’s blogs, notes and newsletter articles. We edited them, found common themes, looked for great stories and pulled everything together into a very saleable package.
  8. Asquith Nurseries – we took the thinking that went into creating a mission statement for the nursery group and used it as a poster.
  9. The Nutrition Coach – we worked with themes from client workshops and extensive background material on the Nutrition Coach website and packaged them as a clear, succinct brochure, perfect for a corporate audience.
  10. Sibtein Asaria LinkedIn – we are re-purposing blogs as Linkedin articles to get the maximum reach.


If you want to get your money’s worth out of your copywriting, make a shrewd investment by contacting us at Editing Edge today.


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