The power of persuasion

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or Coaxing out the Cash

Writing for a charity is a double-edged sword.  There is always a fascinating story to tell, from the amazing work the charity does, to its inventive fundraising initiatives. The human angle is easy to find.  But charities, like any other organisation, face real financial pressures.

So charity copywriting must work hard to be heard above all the noise and, on top of that, persuade people to part with their money.  If you are tasked with a charity marketing or engagement campaign, you will need a well-researched and well-written story.

Which is where a copywriter like Editing Edge comes in.

We’ve worked with many charities, producing diverse copy from press releases, website copy, reports and accounts to gala dinner programmes.  You can see some examples here:

St George’s Gala Dinner Programme
UK Youth
Fitzroy Support
Ramadan Relief Fund Report
Khoja Business Leaders’ Summit

Audiences can also be very diverse.  We might be targeting business leaders looking to develop their CSR strategy, showcasing the latest scientific research breakthroughs or putting together a press release for a local paper to encourage the public to take part in an event.  Different audiences, different styles of writing.

But whether it’s internal comms to inspire staff or a fundraising campaign to bring in income, the tone should be upbeat, positive and enthusiastic.  Above all, copywriting for charities needs to show the difference the charity makes to its beneficiaries.

Which comes back to telling the story in a way that engages the intended audience without patronising them or begging for their money.  People don’t like to be pressured and want to give of their own free will because they see the real difference their donation makes.

If you are involved in a charity and are looking for an experienced charity copywriter who can produce persuasive copy for all your requirements – website copy, press releases, annual report and accounts, brochures, leaflets, programmes – please get in touch with Lesley at Editing Edge.

“Thank you for the tremendous support you provided to the St George Foundation dinner and auction. Overall we raised an incredible £32,813. Thank you for being a great copywriter and as ever we were delighted to partner with and are already looking forward to the next event together.”



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