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case studiesAre you basking in the afterglow of a successfully completed project for a client?  After all the hard work is finished, don’t just pat yourself on the back for a job well done … tell the world about it.

Adding case studies to your website can be powerful for many reasons:

  • You build credibility by demonstrating the type of clients you have and the projects you undertake
  • It provides the opportunity to use testimonials from a satisfied customer
  • It adds an interest level to your website – a story rather than dull facts
  • It helps in website optimisation – fresh content with keywords related to your service

Never written a case study before?  It’s simple to do.  Just keep it lively, short, avoid technical jargon if you can and try to examine the problems your customer may have had and how you helped them.  Add in a testimonial and a photo or image if you can to liven up the page, and job done.  And don’t forget a call to action if you are trying to get prospective clients to pick up the phone to you.

Here are a few of my own case studies to give you a flavour of how to do it:

dylan's ice creamDylan’s Ice Cream

We revamped their website and it was a great project to write a case study about – who doesn’t love the thought of a delicious ice cream on a hot day?  The call to action here was:

If you are looking for a great copywriting service in Haslemere to bring your website to life, get in touch with us.

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uk youth gala dinner programmeUK Youth Gala Dinner Programme

We compiled a programme for a charity dinner and auction with some very tight turnarounds.

The success of our work was echoed in the money raised on the night with our call to action:

Emotive, exciting language used in a charity setting can persuade people to part with their money – Editing Edge will do this for you.

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Write a good press releaseFront page news – Press Release

This case study demonstrated how a press release written for our client made front page news in the regional paper. We explained how we worked with the client and the news editor to position it just right.

We summarised this case study by stating that if you angle your press releases to focus on something genuinely newsworthy, and take advantage of timing when you can, you can make the same impact.

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If you have some great client stories to tell then don’t be shy – put it on your website.  And don’t forget we can help to make the story really come to life if you are struggling with the right words.  Contact us at Editing Edge.



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