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How to write a great Call to Action

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It’s one of the fundamentals of website copywriting that you need a good Call to Action – a few words that actually entice your target customers to do something. This might be to ring you, buy now or sign up for your newsletter.

If you don’t ask them to take action, chances are they won’t and will instead drift off elsewhere on the web. It is actually proven that people are much more likely to do something if you ask them to.

How to write a great call to action

Don’t keep your talents a secret …
ask people to get in touch

How to write a Call to Action that works for different customers

A basic Call to Action is ‘call us today.’ You could position this prominently on every page, next to a nice big phone number.

But you can vary your Calls to Action to be more effective.

Writing different Calls to Action means you can touch the pain points/interests of different potential customers.

Here are a few examples I worked on recently with a client:

  • Find out more.
  • Got a question? Give us a call.
  • What’s worrying you? Contact us for a confidential chat or email us here.
  • Click here for our handy guide to …
  • Find out how much you can save with our quick quote calculator.
  • Need expert advice? Click here.

Calls to Action for real people

Asking a question puts you in direct dialogue with your customer, and shows you understand how they might be feeling.

Suggesting they click for a handy guide gives you the opportunity to show off your expertise and perhaps capture their email address for mailshots in the future.

Demonstrating exactly how they can save money might be a powerful selling point for you.

The essential thing is to remember you are writing a Call to Action (and writing all your website content, for that matter) for real live human beings with emotions, worries and desires. Tap into that like a professional copywriter does and you’ll do well.

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