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Top 10 ideas for blogs

By October 22, 2013April 27th, 2014No Comments

Did you start blogging in a bubble of optimism then run out of steam?

Finding new ideas for blogs doesn’t have to be hard. Try these Top 10 blogging ideas:

1. Comment on topical items in the news that have a bearing on your business – and your customers’ concerns. Set up Google alerts and scan news websites for relevant stories. Top tip: Research using Google News for up-to-date information in an easy-to-read form. Be amusing, informative, knowledgeable: whatever will get potential customers’ attention.

best ideas for blogging

Charles Dickens was a blogger. At least, he wrote in weekly instalments …

2. Offer your readers hints and tips and make them topical:

  • Top Ten autumn healthy eating tips
  • 5 mistakes to avoid in [add your business area] this winter
  • Fundraising ideas for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

3. Answer FAQs. Think what questions your clients frequently ask and blog some answers. Trawl recent emails if you’re stuck for typical queries.

4. Be proud. Don’t be shy about being proud of your achievements, such as glowing testimonials, awards won or staff fundraising.

5. Regularly highlight new special offers/unexpected benefits offered not just by your company but by organisations you partner with. An example from a health insurance client: “Enjoy a glass of wine, good food and a private room …”

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More blogging ideas

6. Still need more blogging ideas? Try case studies. Write a series of success stories – about customers, and about your partner companies. (And get other people to do some of the hard work for you):

  • Customers – work in tandem with your customer service/feedback department.
  • Companies – work in tandem with their PR/marketing department.

7. Share useful information from other sources. Maybe summarise a list of Top 10 articles that will help your customers, or list some relevant Facebook pages and Twitter feeds.

8. Interviews and Q & As: interview your CEO and staff to put a human face on your company and showcase your talents/personality with regular profiles. Remember how people buy from people!

9.  Add video, multimedia, slides or infographics. If you have the research resources and design studio, infographics are a great way to present information with impact, draw attention and position your business as experts.

10. Over to you. We’re betting this list will have sparked a few ideas and got you thinking. Jot down some thoughts now!

Finding ideas for blogs really is easier than you might think.

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